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The Next Generation of Innovators: Bridging Gaps Between Brand and Purpose with MOONCRUX for JerseySTEM

“Partnering with MOONCRUX has allowed JerseySTEM to translate our mission into a visually and narratively compelling format. Their expertise in crafting our presentation deck has been instrumental in broadening our impact and reach.”

Nabil MoulineBoard Member | JerseySTEM
  • Delivered a comprehensive introductory deck, encapsulating JerseySTEM’s commitment to enhancing STEM opportunities for middle school girls.
  • Modular design and custom visuals, ensuring adaptability for varied audiences, be it schools, corporations, or potential volunteers.
  • Integrated JerseySTEM’s brand elements, mission, critical statistics, and the profound impact they have in underrepresented communities.

Presentation Design

JerseySTEM Overview Presentation Slides
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    Yes, it's pronounced (moon-cru).